Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2005 Oregon Pinot - Two More Bottles

I am so happy to find that I might be a big fan of the 2005 vintage in the Willamette Valley. Like '04, '05 was another tough one in which yields were low. It's interesting, though, that although yields were reduced in both years, the wines of '04 are quite different from those in '05. The '04 wines I've tasted tend to be lush and fruit forward, concentrated and dark, new world in style. Those I have tasted from '05 are much lighter with prominent acidity, and seem to be showing a more Burgundian variety of aroma and flavors like forest and dried leaves, flowers, leather or animal, and earthy characteristics.

I heartily recommend both of these wines. They are not as good a value as you will find in Burgundy - there are plenty of utterly delicious '05s to be found for about $30, sometimes less. These are both hovering at about $40. Be that as it may, they are yummy and will reward your patience. Prominent acidity like this bodes well for aging. They are both made from young vines, so if patience is not your strong suit, these are delicious now too.

2005 Adelsheim Pinot Noir Ribbon Springs Vineyard, $44 (Winery).

A nice surprise because Adelsheim' 2004 wines have been disappointing so far. This is a return to form - light and graceful wines with some complexity. From vines planted in 1996. Aromas are not only about the pretty red fruit, there are dried leaves and underbrush too. The palate is light and acidic, but not too tannic. Sweet cherries and pine on the finish. This wine is young and should benefit from aging, in that the various flavors are still a bit disjointed. When things balance out and the acidity integrates a bit more, this could be beautiful wine. I like the alcohol level too - at 12.8% this is similar to Burgundy. At $44, you might do better in Burgundy, but that's your call...and in the spirit of full disclosure, BrooklynLady really didn't like this wine. She said "it sucks." rarely do we disagree so much about a wine, so if you find yourself aligned with her palate, you should skip this wine.
2005 St Innocent Pinot Noir Justice Vineyard, $38. (Great Wine Buys). From young vines of about 5 years of age. Light ruby color gives this wine a "thin" appearance, but don't be fooled. Bright and fresh nose of red cherries with distinct baking spices - cloves, cinnamon. The palate is exuberant with young red fruit, dried leaves, spices, and flowers. At 13.5%, the alcohol this is not at all overwhelming. This is an elegant and lovely wine, once that would be a great compliment to salmon or duck, one that will gain complexity and balance in the bottle over the next 5-7 years.


Anonymous said...

If you like the Adelsheim, you should seek out a bottle of 2005 Lachini Pinot Noir...their Estate, S, and Ana Vineyard releases are all terrific from 2005!

Brooklynguy said...

Hey huevos - good to see you. I take your Oregon suggestions very seriously, and i will check out those wines if I get the chance (next time I am in Portland, I imagine).

By the way, I tried again yesterday to leave comments on your blog and I keep getting turned away for not being logged on. Whassup wit dat?

Anonymous said...

The 05 Adelsheim is a tough one to find. At Pinotfest last weekend I was loving the 06 Elizabeth's Reserve, I think 06 Oregon Pinots will be great overall.
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Brooklynguy said...

hi phil - thanks for your comment, and thanks for including my review on your site. i'm in good company, i see. so glad to hear about the 06s in oregon - the 07s are not supposed to be so great, are they?