Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've Been Bloggerviewed on Fermentation !

How cool is this? Tom Wark at Fermentation included me in his Bloggerview series. Check it out - I thought I would never show a photo of myself,and definitely not of the baby. But It's been over a year now of the blog, and it felt right. The wife, sadly, said no to a picture, and it's your loss because honestly, BrooklynLady is a real looker.


David McDuff said...

Rock on, Neil. You look nothing like I didn't expect you to. Thanks for the shout out.

Joe said...

Ditto, nice photo.

RougeAndBlanc said...

Congrats Neil. How did you get your daughter drooling at that lovely bubbly? (Wait! I meant the salad)

Anonymous said...


Cute baby, too (I also liked the photo of McDuff's two gorgeous dogs on his recent post).

Vinotas said...

Congrats! And great photo too, the baby's adorable. Now, the important question: what Champagne was that on the table?

Anonymous said...

Boy, he'll bloggerview ANYONE won't he? ;)

Great picture...and it ain't so bad to reveal yourself.

Great stuff...happy birthday PIA!

Marcus said...

Oh no, I'm an "everyday read"? You must've been reading the same thing 10 times over!

I had no idea I was wasting quite that much of your time and I intend to apologize profusely, but first I offer you the prospect of MORE POSTS and wine notes in February. I promise you a new post from me on Monday, and hopefully something every other day, roughly.

Brooklynguy said...

thanks y'all, your support is very much appreciated.

actually, i don't really look like that - i'm one of those people who doesn't look like themselves in photos.

i don't remember what we were drinking but it was father's day so it may have been a 1927 Dom.

right back at you and jackson, lenn.

marcus - do what makes you happy. post, don't's supposed to be for you. i 'll keep on checking anyway.

Justin S. said...


Brooklynguy said...

thanks justin