Sunday, September 27, 2009

A New Kind of Wine Marketing

JD Headrick has done an interesting thing to help us get to know the people who make the wines he imports, and the places they come from. He created a channel on YouTube and uploaded home made videos. We can watch as he interviews wine makers, wanders through their vines and cellars, eats with them, listens to their stories.

Never more than a few minutes long, these videos are really a lot of fun. One learns, of course, about his wine makers and their wines, but also about the Loire Valley and wine making in general. Perhaps my favorite thing about watching, though, is the little glimpses they offer of this section of French life.

My favorites so far include:

Eating Oysters with Thierry Michon - this guy LOVES shellfish.
Lunch at Domaine du Viking - think of this as an X-rated movie starring fabulous cuts of pork and beef.
La Noblaie - a Walk Through the Vines - see Veraison in action.
1947 St Nicholas de Bourgueil Blanc with Frederic Mabileau - he opens a wine his grandfather made over 50 years ago.
There are Rocks in my Muscadet - check out the vines growing on a massive wall of granite.

Take a peek and see what you think. Sure beats reading a shelf-talker.


Weston said...

Got to love when you see a video with a winemaker you have met at a tasting. Really cool, [that would be Frederic of La Paradou]

Really cool, I would love to see Jim's Loire do this

Alfonso Cevola said...

nice to know - thanks for letting the word out - videos are so much fun

Jesse said...

That's a great find. The lack of (good) wine videos on the internet is often maddening. I would love to be able to watch more videos like these - with winemakers, importers, etc - but they just don't exist. That, or I don't knoww where to find them. Wither way, good stuff!

Jesse said...

oops. I meant either not wither. That sounds like an insult. My bad.

Unknown said...

Neil, I usually lurk silently without public comment, but this posting was too good - love these videos! They're clever and well done, just long enough to get a feel for the moment and short enough to engage/entice me to watch another.

Thierry Michon is a my man, loved his bulging eyes at every bite. Wonder how he reacted to the snails, they're my absolute favorite, mmm.


Louis/Dressner Selections said...

All the importers are now getting into the new media.

I have a Youtube posting up featuring my new cd. Look up Dressner Cancer

Joe Dressner

Brooklynguy said...

Jesse - your store should subscribe to Peter Liem's He posts great videos there, things you'll never see elsewhere.

Ariel - glad you finally got up the gumption to comment. I obviously felt the same way about Thierry.

hey Joe - new media is the new black. when i searched youtube, as you suggested, all i came up with is this video featuring your brother cleansing a room of evil spirits. What gives?

Jesse said...

Good call, just signed up! I don't know what took me so long - I've long been a fan of Peter's work. Thanks for the push, neal!

Anonymous said...


That Oyster video was priceless...let's all move to France. When I see that and think about how we in America (even in NYC) eat, I'm immediately jealous.

Someone please win the lottery so we can all retire and move there to eat, drink and farm.