Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peter Liem on "The Variability of Experience."

This week's World of Fine Wine blog post is by Peter Liem, and you are cheating yourself if you don't take 10 minutes to read it and think about it.

Here is a snippet from the post:

Generally speaking, we don't deal well with the issue of variability in wine. We like things to be definitively laid out in black and white-we want to be able to know that a wine tastes a certain way, and have some guarantee that it fulfills the promise of its label when we open it. This, too, is how we discuss it with others: in the language and the systems that we have developed to talk about wine, we often create a false sense of precision, attempting to codify experience in a way that it is naturally resistant to.
Get on over there and read the rest of the article on your own. You will have a better day if you do.


Weston said...

btw I love the World of Fine Wine just going through my 3rd issue!

rhit said...

Nicely put. I think the analogy he makes to personal relationships makes a lot of sense.