Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

2010 was for me a typical vintage. There was plenty of sun and rain, and also plenty of obstacles and challenges. In the end, it was a good year. Not the kind that will be remembered as a blockbuster, more of a classic year. The kind of year that I've learned to respect and appreciate more as I get older.

The day after Christmas we got two feet of snow in my part of Brooklyn. I love the way the neighborhood looks when it's freshly blanketed in snow.

The city wasn't quite able to adequately manage snow removal, however, and there were buses and ambulances abandoned in the streets. Side streets went un-plowed for days and some people were effectively trapped in their homes.

Silly as it may sound, it reminds me a little of how I sometimes feel about my blog. I've been writing it for what feels like a long time, and it's easy to get stuck, to feel trapped, like I have nothing more to offer.

Then I remember that I am not obligated to try to entertain anyone, I am not beholden to any wine business interests, and that I write this blog because it makes me happy. It helps me to advance my own learning and it's my primary creative outlet.

But I won't lie - it feels great that you seem to enjoy reading the blog. So much so that I can fall prey to the temptation to try to entertain you, as opposed to doing what I do best - simply sharing my thoughts about the things I'm learning.

I promise to get back to that in 2011, or to do my best anyway. It shouldn't be too hard at first, as January is shaping up to be the most amazing wine month of my life so far. Several amazing tastings, a lunch and cellar raid that should be completely insane, the first meeting of my Burgundy Wine Club (I'll explain later), and a long awaited trip to Champagne. Thank you so much for reading and for participating on this blog. It's an honor to have you here with me and I hope that my ramblings will continue to be of interest to you in 2011.

And mostly, I hope that your 2010 ends beautifully.


Unknown said...

I've learned so much about the pleasures of drinking wine reading your blog (like all good writing, it's inspiring). Thanks so much for what you do here. Raising a glass of Ulysse Collin Blanc de Blancs, I wish you a Happy New Year!

Deetrane said...

Because of what you do and how you do it, thousands of others don't have to. Ask the winemakers whose wines you discover if they are bored by your discoveries. In 2011, the only thing I would request is that you begin to indulge northern Italy and, if you have time, northern Spain.

Food Wine and Design said...

Great post. We can truly relate to your comments about wanting to entertain versus "just" write. We often feel that way at Creative outlets are so important just for their own sake. We look forward to reading your blog in 2011 whether you're writing for you, your readers or a little of both (which, in the end, is probably the best balance). Cheers!

Unknown said...

I've learned so much from your blog - please let me take this opportunity to thank you - and PLEASE keep writing! You write so well - informative and entertaining!


Michael B said...

I really enjoy your blog. Happy New Year.
Michael B.

TWG said...

I always enjoy your blog. No picture of Brooklyn table in the snow?

Brooklynguy said...

Thank you all for these very kind comments, and to those of you who emailed too. I appreciate it.

Vinogirl said...

Keep blogging!
And, a happy New Year to you and yours!

Vinogirl said...

PS. Great photos!

Aaron said...

Happy New Year to the whole BrooklynFamily, and thanks for being one of the go-to corners of the wine blogosphere for honest, insightful, and always thirst- (and hunger)inducing posts. You should know you've got lots of fans. Do it at your pleasure, at your discretion... but please keep doing it! Thanks and here's to a great 2011.

Tommaso said...

I enjoy reading your blog - especially your coverage of wines from France.