Monday, April 28, 2008

What Would You Pour?

The other night Alice Feiring stopped by for a glass of wine. That's right, Alice Feiring! She was en route to an Olde English Ball (another story entirely), and she stepped out on the deck with BrooklynLady and me for a glass.

What do you pour for Alice Feiring?

It wasn't until after I suggested that she stop by that I realized this decision might destroy my already feeble mind. Should I pull out the best bottle of Champagne and call it a day? Maybe something not as obvious, like this Crémant du Jura that I really like. Or maybe instead open one of my daily drinking wines, like the beautiful Domaine de Cassagnoles Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne. That would show her how cool I am - she comes over and I shrub my shoulders and open a $10 VdP...but it's delicious!

I waffled back and forth on this as if I were Hillary Clinton: this is what I'll do, no THAT is what I'll do, on second thought THIS is what I'll do. In the end I decided that the VdP type of pour is better for a return visit. I tried to think of something naturally made that Alice wouldn't often drink, something special and uncommon. And something that would make a good prelude for dancing. Maybe something a little sweet, in the hopes that there might be a gentleman of that same character awaiting Alice at said Olde English Ball.

I went with the 2002 Domaine des Baumaurd Coteaux du Layon Clos du Sainte Catherine, $28 on release, imported by Ex Cellars Wine Agency. Baumard is a top tier producer of dry wines from Savennières, and off-dry and sweet wines from Coteaux du Layon and Quarts de Chaume. I figured that Alice would certainly have had many a Baumard wine before, but even so, the off-dry but elegant and complex Coteaux du Layon wines are somewhat less common. And the 2002, a great year in this part of the Loire Valley, should still have plenty of ripe fruit to go along with complexity and some sweetness.

Was I really shaking as I poured the wine? I think so. But very soon the nerves went away, as it was a gorgeous evening and within 5 minutes Alice was giving BrooklynLady and me dancing lessons.

Of course I'm being a bit facetious, as hanging out with Alice was the fun part and what wine we drank was secondary, although I did spend too much time worrying about what to pour. Just to prevent this from happening again, I decided to prepare a list of what to pour in case certain people visit my home. Now, I will share some of it with you:

Barack Obama - Françoise Bedel Champagne "Entre Ciel et Terre." Naturally made, straight from the earth and expresses that very clearly, strong and floral, stands the test of time.

GW Bush - 2000 Yellow Tail Merlot. A lovely remembrance of the year he became President.

Struggling but very talented Yankees' rookie pitcher Phil Hughes - 2005 Blandine Chauchat Pic St Loup les Tonillières. Trust your stuff, you can be powerful and be elegant and honest at the same time.

Penelope Cruz - 1996 Fleury Rosé of Champagne. Enough said.

Julie Christie - 1996 Fleury Rosé of Champagne. Enough said.

Woody Allen
- 2002 Carillon Puligny Montrachet. Reds are too acidic for him.

Thom Yorke - 1986 Terrebrune Bandol Rouge. He would get it - it would make him cry.

Alice Feiring
- Not sure yet. I need to ask her how she liked the 02 Baumard CdL first.


David McDuff said...

You know, Neil, I just might have gone with something slightly sweet as well. Maybe a Kabinett Riesling from Johann Peter Reinert in the Saar. Then again, bubbles may have beckoned. I'm still thinking Germany though; an older bottle of the Riesling Sekt Brut from Ratzenberger might have been just the ticket.

Anonymous said...

There is a joke in here somewhere about Thom Yorke's lazy eye.

Joe said...

I'm pissed because the only one of these around is the Yellow Tail! Nicely done, a terrific logic, sure she loved it.

Anonymous said...

nice choice. good thing you weren't under sniper fire.......

Marcus said...

This post is very funny.

I was counting the beautiful tract homes in LA with Obama support and they outnumbered Hillary signs by 200%. Roughly the same rate for celebrity homes, and for all of San Francisco, Pacific Heights to Lower Haight. Roughly twenty times that rate on blogs. For all the Hillary support you hear, you'd think her fans were voting five times each.

But what about this wedding planning you are doing? Are you going to recommend the Kuentz-Bas? I know you are not the one entertaining in this case but you might be deciding what to pour nonetheless! Then you have a whole host of people to answer to, not just some pint-sized power spice like Victoria Beckham or say a gigantic pro wrestler who has his own satellite channel.

You better get out that list of what to pour!

Brooklynguy said...

david - but i don't know anything about german wine, and i have maybe one bottle in my cellar. but now you've eliminated the need for fussing the way i did when alice comes to your place. although you don't seem like the fussing and fretting type.

jeff - i didn't know he has a lazy eye. if there is a joke it's unintentional, i assure you. i meant that he's an emotional and mysterious guy who would appreciate those qualities in that Bandol.

hey joe-you and mcduff have the same government monopoly problems. the revolution will not be televised, pal.

bill - i was. and no one can tell you any different.

hey dok - good to see you 'round these parts. ,y plan is to offer them tastes of various wines and let them choose from there, kind of narrowing the circle for them. i don't think they liked the kuentz-bas as much as they did the cassagnoles VdP. we're not done yet, though. and hilary - her attitude, demeanor, and techniques at this point remind me very much of the republicans. what's going on is really sad, i think.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about red vs. white but I think Woody Allen might like a younger wine.

Vinotas said...

I agree with Steve, I'd have served Woody a younger, more vivacious wine. Perhaps a Beaujolais Nouveau if I was in a foul mood or a Beaujolais Fleury or Morgon if in a better one.

Of course, being rude and insensitive, I'd pour Champagne for myself. ;->

Brooklynguy said...

hey steve and michael - i understand completely, based on the rest of his sordid personal life.

Drink, Memory said...

hmm. I would like to know where you purchase your beautiful Domaine de Cassagnoles Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne.

What would you pour for Eric Assimov?

Brooklynguy said...

he memoree - either slope cellars on 15th street and 7th ave or prospect wines at 9th avenue and 7th. same price at both places, but slope cellars has more interesting wines at the under $15 price point in general right now. said...
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