Monday, May 26, 2008

What I Drank Last Night

Just a few quick things while I get myself together and write a real post:

Had the 2006 Château d'Oupia this weekend. Why would I drink anything else for under $10, in red wine anyway? A rhetorical question, of course. This is ridiculously good wine. Such a rich and elegant perfume, such nice fruit, great texture, excellent balance. Delicious wine! Under $10! Mean Joe Dressner brings this one in, and you might try it if you haven't already. Very sad, that André Iché, the man behind this and many other great wines died last year.

Had the
2006 Domaine de la Fruitière VdP de la Loire Jardin de la Fruitière this weekend. Why would I drink anything else for under $10, in white wine anyway? A rhetorical question, of course. This is ridiculously good wine. Bright and airy nose of citrus and a bit of yeast, with time. Crisp and clean, this is simple, but very well done. Good citrus and apple fruit cut with great acidity and surprising length on the finish. Delicious wine! Under $10! JD Headrick brings this one in and you might try it if you haven't already.

Had the 2006
Comptoirs de Magdala Côtes de Provence Escapade this weekend. This is a Mourvèdre blend made by the fellow who makes wine at Tour du Bon in Bandol, and it costs about $17. I loved this wine when at the Jenny & Francois tasting, but this is the second bottle (the first was an '05) I've had at home now that hasn't lived up to the tasting. Do they double-extra-special-decant at those tastings? Beauty pageant contestants put vaseline on their teeth for that special shiny smile - what is the wine tasting equivalent of that trick? The wine is nicely perfumed, but the mid-palate was kind of hollow. Pleasant iron minerality and good acidity, but something is just missing. Not the alcohol - over 14%. And I was so excited for this wine - I dry rubbed some lamb spare ribs and slow roasted them in the grill for about 4 hours. Should have gone with the Brouilly.


I was wrong on the composition of two recent sparkling wines.
Montbourgeau Crémant du Jura is not, in fact, 100% Chardonnay, as I cannot be proven to have stated. The Chambers Street Wines website says there is some Savagin in the blend. Also, my spokesman recently said that the NV Bedel Entre Ciel et Terre is a Blanc de Noirs, and my friends, it isn't. It is mostly Meunier, there is some Pinot Noir too, and about 10% of the blend is Chardonnay. So sue me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up the Bedel mystery. It seems that they could have labelled it 'blanc de noirs' and sold it for more money if they had wanted to. I always felt that if it was all pinot it wouldn't have been labelled a 'brut'. Plus, their website "insinuated"(why not just come out and say it?)it had chardonnay in the blend......I know it could vary from year to year. Having been in the wine 'business' I was always frustrated by incorrect information, even from people I felt should have known. Thanks for your diligence...I have some lawyer friends but, we'll let it go this time.

Brooklynguy said...

my pleasure. i doubt they are trying to keep us in the dark at Bedel. maybe at other larger houses (no disgorgement dates, is), but nit at a place this bedel. no lawyers for now, yes.

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up on my reading, so sorry for this late response:

Montbourgeau Cremant IS in fact 100% Chardonnay.

Tony McClung
National Sales Manager
Rosenthal Wine Merchant

Brooklynguy said...

wow - thanks Tony for clearing that up. I assumed that i had to be wrong here, but i guess even the bigshots can be wrong sometimes.