Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmanuel Houillon / Pierre Overnoy Dinner.

 Dinner at Boulud Sud with the Arbois wines of Emmanuel Houillon / Pierre Overnoy.
2010 and 2009 Poulsard.

The two vintages are quite different in character and this shows clearly in color. The 2010 was like drinking liquid roses.

Both Chardonnays were excellent. The 2010 is as mineral of a wine as I can remember drinking.

Proud roast chickens and their mushroom and herb friends.

Chicken, morels, spinach, sauce au vin jaune with tarragon. An embarrassment of riches.

Savagnin Vieux, an ouillé, or topped-up Savagnin.

Overnoy Vin Jaune. Are you kidding me?

And that wasn't the end.

A wonderful evening in every way, and an amazing act of generosity. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic, and truly enviable, but no notes or observations or insights about the wines at all? Really?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't envious of your over-the-top Burgundy club, but, today, I'm officially envious. There should be a law limiting how much cool wine any one individual gets to try in a lifetime, because you have now exceeded your limit! Just absolutely awesome.

Anonymous said...

Was the dinner by invitation only?

Brooklynguy said...

I didn't really take notes at the dinner - I wrote a few things down but no real notes. It was a great night and when the wines were right, I loved them. The 2010's were great! Some of the other wines also. But some were not as great. The thing is, as one experienced taster said, "I used to just buy these off the shelf and bring them home and drink them. Now they're so rare, and it's hard to live up to that kind of hype."

I would buy the Poulsard any day (if I could find it), and always will gratefully drink any Overnoy wine. But I also agree with the statement above.

The dinner was by invitation.

Cliff said...

It is really too bad the wines have become so expensive in the States. I can't say I've been willing to chase, but I do think it is very impressive how Houillon has been able to clean them up -- ah the days of the 1993 in the bins at the old Astor; now that was a stinky wine -- without scrubbing the soul out of them.