Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Levi Dalton's Latest Podcast is up - our Conversation.

Whoa! Levi Dalton's podcast series continues and today's installment features our conversation. We talk about blogging and what motivates me, and all sorts of things. If nothing else, this offers proof that I am in fact a person who is capable of speaking.

Thank you Levi for including me in this ambitious and interesting project.

Here's how you can listen to the interview:

The I'll Drink to That website (for a few days).

The ITunes site, along with Levi's whole podcast series.


Anonymous said...

You have an awesome voice! Go you!

Also, very genuine comments you expressed. Enjoyed listening. Bravo.

Anonymous said...


Do Bianchi said...

this is awesome

adam said...

Excellent interview. And now you might have a great new tag for the blog. Brooklyn Guy: "I have mispronounced several important wine people's names."

You are definitely an inspiration for those of us considering starting writing about wine. Levi, also, of course. It's great that there are so many unique voices out there. Keep up the great work.