Monday, October 09, 2006

It's...A Brand New Bar!!!

Jonny Bongos' grandmother passed away recently and he was put in charge of dealing with her apartment in Midwood and all of her furniture. Bongos decided that her 1950s era wooden bar would make a great wedding gift for me and the BrooklynLady (allright, so its been way over a year, but fughedaboudit).

What a beautiful piece of furniture! I can't remember the name of the design company, but Bongos knows, and it's a reknown furniture designer. It's in great shape, with a nice rollout drawer, several bottle storage areas, and some lovely old etched glasses - perfect for retro cocktails.

Now I sort of pledged to myself that I will limit my alcohol calories to wine, but since I brought this bar into the house yesterday, I've already swilled 2 boozy Brooklyn cocktails (just like a Manhattan, but with some orange liquor, according to the great bar 'Brooklyn Social'). Will this bar be my ruin? As my friend Pro recently commented, "great gift Jonny Bongos, for a couple about to have a baby."
Im so psyched about it though, and in fact I now know what I want to do for my 35th birthday: host a cocktail party. Thanks to Jonny Bongos for the amazing wedding gift!

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Lenn Thompson | said...

That thing is sweet!

And it actually IS a good gift for expectant parents...I know that I'VE been drinking more than usual ;)