Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wine Blogger's Gameshow, Starring Doktor Weingolb!

Everybody's favorite Doktor from Montreal was in New York City recently and he very kindly invited me to lunch. We went to Blau Gans, the Austrian place in TriBeCa that I've been meaning to try. Very tasty. I particularly enjoyed the Arctic Char garnished with pineapple (!), and the desserts were excellent.

What a treat it was to have lunch with Marcus! Such a lovely guy, and such an odd shift of medium, from internet personality to real life. Last time I met a couple of bloggers in person I treated you to a little quiz, asking you to pick what is true about them from a list.

So here is part deux of Wine Blogger's Gameshow. From the following list, see if you can determine what is true about Doktor Weingolb, and what is fabrication:

  • "Weingolb" as a name originates from a combination of "Wein," German for wine, and "golb," blog spelled backwards.
  • Marcus arrived at the restaurant before I did, and when he stood up to shake my hand I noticed that he was barefoot. e said "we do this all the time in casual places in Montreal." I told him that the restaurant would not appreciate it if they saw this, and Marcus put his sandals back on.
  • Marcus saw the Sonic Youth concert in Williamsburg while in New York.
  • Marcus visited the Morgan Library while in New York.
  • Marcus took a scenic tour of Brooklyn by public bus while in New York.
  • Marcus spit every few sips of the red wine he was drinking back into his glass. "Makes it last longer," he explained.
  • Marcus has a Burmese python, a unusual in that he rescued it from being euthanized after it killed a large dog. Its previous owners had abandoned it near the woods near Mont Royale.
  • Marcus has a 9 bottle wine fridge at home - 9 bottles!
  • Marcus has a 500 bottle wine fridge at home - 500 bottles!
Okay, feel free to leave your responses as comments. How much do you think you know about Doktor Weingolb?


David McDuff said...

Um, I don't think I know anything about Doktor Weingolb. That said, I'm glad to hear you both made it to Blaue Gans. Did you drink anything interesting with lunch?


Brooklynguy said...

hey david - i tasted 3 whites, one of which - an 06 riesling, was wonderful. the gruner on the menu was pretty uninspiring, and there was another white made from a grape unknown to me that was interesting wine, but not entirely enjoyable. tasted that one at the bar and it would have been better with food i think. i will walk by and get the names and let you know.

Marcus said...

This is what happens when I spend the day entirely wirelessly on a train back up to Montreal?

Now I know how Eric Asimov feels when I post about him! (As in, totally honoured, I hope!)

Neil, I assure you I sensed that same thrilling "shift of medium" on my part! (Brooklynguy does have a real Brooklynbaby in case any one in cyberspace wants reassurance.)

Lunch was fantastic, and by the way, I went back in to ask them about those amazing sweet treats. They aren't open for breakfast in the summer but you can get their Viennoiseries uptown at Cafe Sabarsky. It's attached to the Neue Gallery, which I did not have time to fit in during this trip sadly (I'm finally getting the feeling that even though I've been to New York four times in the last year, frequent visits only make your list of things to do longer rather than shorter -- oh the irony!)

Thanks for broadening my expectations, in more ways than one!

Anonymous said...

How about 'Marcus Weingolb is a Dork' and there ain't 10 questions worth answering about him?
Ps The spitting bit is true!

Joe said...

I am guessing that the true statements are:
1) the weingolb description
2) took the bus tour
3) he was barefoot
4) 9-bottle fridge
Am I correct on any of these?

Brooklynguy said...

Hiya Joe - True, true, uh-uh, true...but there's more...

Sonadora said...

1. False
2. True
3. False
4. False
5. True
6. True
7. True
8. False
9. True
10. True

My best guesses :)

Joe said...

I will be meeting the illustrious Marcus very soon, so I will be able to confirm so of those others and report back...

Brooklynguy said...

Here you go Folks - the "truth about Marcus:"

Not his brother, him, but sans goatee and glasses in the photo. True on the blog name. Barefoot is false (but i didn't actually check carefully), sonic youth true, morgan library true, bus tour true (you go Dok - the Brooklyn tour!), spit wine back into the glass is true (fine, kidding, its false, but wouldn;t that have been funny?), no python for Dok, that I know of, and marcus has a 9 bottle fridge that he crams 23 bottles into.

thanks for playing all!

Marcus said...

My ex wrote that anonymous comment.

It's lucky 13 bottles that gets crammed into my fridge Neil though it's a moot point since I'm giving it all but an RIP on my site today.

Brooklynguy said...

I thought it might have been your ex. i was going to detele the comment, but it was not profane really, and it seemed a little silly, so why delete it. I actually thought it might have been you wrote the comment!

Anonymous said...
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