Monday, May 19, 2008

News From Alice Feiring's Book Party

I had a great time at Alice Feiring's book party in Manhattan the other night. A pleasure to celebrate her achievement with her and a load of various wine people, writers, at least one actor (Dion Graham of The Wire!) and publishing types. The wine was plentiful and delicious and I spoke with lots of interesting people, including Jenny Lefcourt and Kate Szulc, Joe Dressner, David Lillie, and Terry Hughes. And I cornered Dion Graham for a while also.

My favorite Joe Dressner quote from the evening: "I used to kidnap heiresses when I was young."

I may have changed the course of the Mondosapore blog, and possibly of Terry's life's work. You see, while we were talking about career changes and all sorts of other things, I spilled most of my glass of 2005 Louvetrie Muscadet Fief du Breil all over him. He stood there open mouthed, blinking, silent. I was worried that our new friendship was abruptly over, crushed by the same rocky minerals that so delicately infuse this young wine, and that now saturated Terry's sharp green sweater. Not at all the case. Actually, Terry seemed delighted, proclaimed himself intoxicated by the aromas, and declared that Mondosapore will now focus exclusively on wines of the Loire Valley, particularly Muscadet. This is an exciting development, as you know that I love these wines. So far I have yet to notice the changes on Terry's site, but I am sure they're coming.

Alice was really glowing - lots of good vibes coming at her from all directions. And she busted out a slamming dress for the occasion. I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of her new book, which promises to be a great read.


Do Bianchi said...

So bummed I missed it but so happy for Alice. From all accounts, seems like it was a great party.

Deetrane said...

I think I know Jenny Lefcourt's brother.

Joe Manekin said...

You drank great wine, hobnobbed with some of the great wine bloggers, writers and importers of our day, and hung out with someone who acted on the Wire?!? Damn, only in New York....

Louis/Dressner Selections said...

I know Dressner's brother.

Unknown said...

Sure, the Loire. As IF.

Hey, bud, ITALY is my beat, my toy, my dream, my rest.

I'm finishing AF's book in Naples, about to go to a very interesting show of local varieties and producers.

BTW, my sharp green sweater (thanks) was already stinky and dirty. That's why I wasn't pissed at you.

Grazie per la plug per mondosapore, too. You're a principe, as they'd say over here in Eye-talian land.

Alla prossima!

Unknown said...

OK, it's cashmere. I might be pissed. But I bought it at Macy's. So what the hell, right?

And, Neal, baby, you listed me AFTER Big Joe? He blocked my way to the food! I had to go home and pay for dinner!