Saturday, January 24, 2009


There are two errors (that I know of) in my recent Friday Night Bubbles post on Robert Doyard's Champagne Extra Brut.

This Champagne is a blend of wines from 2000, 1999, and 1998; not 1998 and 1997 as I wrote in the original post.

In the original post I wrote that the wine is not imported to the United States. Happily, this is not true. Pacific Estates imports the wine and it has been/is available on both the east and the west coasts. One major east coast retailer, Wine Library, sells the Brut Premier Cru (not this wine - this is the Extra Brut) for the laughably low sale price of $28.33.

Thanks for your emails (Jon and Peter) and comments (Gene) alerting me to these mistakes.

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