Monday, August 31, 2009

Going on a Little Trip

I'm taking a little vacation from the blog this week - I'm traveling on the west coast for business. Just a couple of quick things to say before I go:

--I have a small article published in the Fall issue of Wine & Spirits magazine, called 48 Hours in New York City. It's basically a vehicle for aging stars Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, bringing their outrageously mismatched partnership from San Fran to fight crime in NYC. Anyway, I am obviously rather proud to have written something that appears in an important wine magazine. An I can tell, you're proud of me too - thanks.

--I tried my hand at salt-cured Bonito this weekend, using this recipe. Needless to say, my version did not look as enticing. Mine was too salty too - I'm using less salt and less curing time on my next try. The author recommends 3-4 days. I went with 8 hours and it was too much.

--I can now tell you that after drinking the top Bandol rosés this summer, Tempier's is the best in 2008, and it's not even close in the end. That wine simply has everything - fruit, texture, complexity, vibrancy and punch, but true grace. Beautiful wine, one that I want more of, quickly.

--I recently had the occasion to open a great bottle of mature red Burgundy wine, the 1995 Domaine Chandon de Briailles Corton Clos du Roi. Truly a delicious and wonderful wine. Just listen to what BrooklynLady had to say while drinking this: "Wow, this wine is making me SO happy," and then she said "Honey, I could drink this every day. Can you make that happen for me? Do we have any more of this?" I had to explain to her that although we have no more of this wine, we have other great bottles that in about 10 years might be as rewarding. And we have a few things we can open sooner that might be in the same league. She looked somewhat crestfallen. What can I tell you? Should I have lied to the poor woman?

--As much fun as it is to travel, I HATE being away from my wife and kids.

See you in about a week.


Do Bianchi said...

mazel tov for the W&S article... looking forward to reading it... if only the world of wine writing was full of BrooklynGuys!

enjoy the trip out west man... the west can do a man good...

Weston said...

if your coming to vancouver sept6th my place [sunday] doing a little BC wine / WA wine.

Franschhoek Wine said...

I love your quote: "I hate being away from my wife and kids." Where do we get nostalgics like that any more. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Great meeting you the other night. I hope we have more chances to drink champagne together.
Jeff Fisher.

Catherine Barker Hoffman said...

Hi--I'm a new follower and a fellow Brooklyn foodie. I'm enjoying your blog and am totally into curing my own fish on occasion, as well. Gravlax next week! If you are interested, I have a blog called A Party in my Pantry. Keep up the good work and I'll be patiently awaiting the next entry. Ciao!

Brooklynguy said...

Thanks for the kind wishes y'all.

And Jeff - it was such a pleasure to meet you - I had a ball. See you again without a doubt.