Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Two Excellent New Wine Blogs

Looking for something new to read about wine? Something very smart?

Here are two new wine blogs, one called Cellar-Book by Keith Levenberg. Keith used to write The Picky Eater, and this is his new site.

The other is called So You Want to be a Sommelier, and is written by Levi Dalton.

These are two incredibly smart fellows, and their writing is excellent too. If you like wine, and blogs, you should check these out.


Biovinum said...

Just checked both blogs out and I copied their urls to my blogging list. I just startet to check the american wine blog and learn how they act.
best regards from Germany witha Riesling

Alfonso Cevola said...

nice blogs, will follow them. thanks

Mark said...

I like the Sommelier blog, not quite as glamorous as many outside the industry would make it seem. Although, I'd guess that's likely true for any job which deals with the general public exclusively.