Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Few Paris Pictures

This is the courtyard of the National Archive building (I think) in the 4th Arrondisement, in the Marais. It never ceased to amaze us how utterly beautiful the courtyards are, and how incredible the buildings are, those that are not even tourist attractions. This one was near the Picasso Museum. When you poked your head through the doors this was the view.

Here is our obligatory Notre Dame photo:

And here is the Pantheon. Next is a view from looking over the Seine.

Here is the Palais Royale. And here is my last meal in France, a wonderful house-made plate of charcuterie including tete de veau (veal head terrine), boudin noir (blood sausage), some unidentified meat, some lardons, and of course, cornichons and mustard.


Anonymous said...

Hey! The Parthenon is in Athens! You visited the Pantheon in Paris. ; )

Brooklynguy said...

Hi Steve -true, true. Embarrassing, isn't it?