Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Menu for Hope - A Fun Way to Give to Charity

Ever feel like giving a little something to charity? I usually do each year, but I have a hard time finding the charities I like. Giving to a massive organization makes me feel like my small amount of money is meaningless, that it vanishes into the abyss of waste and overhead that plagues so many charitable organizations.

I always give to WNYC, my local public radio station, because I listen every weekday and I figure that I owe them. But I was just talking with BrooklynLady about finding some other way to give a little something in a meaningful way this holiday season. Here is one solution: Menu for Hope.

Organized by bloggers, this is a fun way to contribute to a good cause. For every $10 you donate (and you can donate as little as $10 - lots of people do), you get one raffle ticket that you can use in a drawing for the prize of your choice. Click here to get to Alder Yarrow's blog Vinography, and follow his easy instructions for donating/entering the raffle. There are some great prizes - wine, food, books - all kinds of stuff.

Take a minute to check this out. We're talking about a meaningful contribution here - you would be helping to put together a gift of about $20,000 - that's right, $20,000 raised by normal people like you and me, not corporations. This year the money will go to the UN World Food Programme. And you don't have to part with loads of dough. Do you have $100 or less that you would donate to charity right now? Then this is for you.

Good luck in the raffle!

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