Thursday, June 21, 2007

Raspberry Lime Rickey

A cocktail moment: this is a refreshing and delicious drink for the summer weather. A riff on the classic Gin Rickey, adding raspberry syrup. I came up with this last summer when, after a visit to the Russian groceries of Brighton Beach, BrooklynLady and I had to find many uses for raspberry syrup.

I like Marco Polo raspberry syrup. Ingredients: raspberry juice, sugar. Made in Slovenia. I also like Hendrick's Gin, although it is strongly flavoured (I add the "u" when discussing gin) and that gets lost here. You could use Gordon's or any gin, and it would be fine.

Here is the recipe:

- Two fingers of gin over ice cubes in a rocks glass.

- Squeeze the juice of half a lime into the glass.

- Add about an ounce of raspberry syrup.

- Pour contents of glass, including ice, into cocktail shaker.

- Shake it like you mean it.

- Pour back into glass, top with club soda, stir.

- Drink up.

(Before the shaking, left.)

(Before the drinking, below.)


Anonymous said...

Oh man. Is it too early to start drinking because that sounds awesome. Oh, yes, it is too early, Pat Kiernan's still on tv. I guess it'll have to wait 'til tonight. Thanks for the great idea! (And I'm so looking forward to your Beaujolais tasting. I can't get enough of that stuff!)

Anonymous said...

wow, that sounds gross!

Brooklynguy said...

Hi Ann - nice to see you. This is a dangerous drink if mixed well, because if you get the propostions right it tastes like raspberry lime-aid. Even yer grandma wouldn't know there's liquor in it, until she falls off her granny cart. So be warned...

And Dee - you just hate booze, so your vote doesn't count. Did you notice yet that I wrote about your old Rioja?