Monday, September 16, 2013

Late Summer Lunch - Shell Beans


Mike Harlen said...

Hey BG,

Looks delicious as always! If you don't mind me asking where do you go for produce? I'm always looking for good produce options in BK.

Thanks for all your amazing posts, I've learned so much reading your blog.


Ty said...

What spice is that? Looks great!

Brooklynguy said...

Hi Mike - Thanks for your kind words. I get produce at Bill Maxwell's farm stand at the Grand Army farmers market and also at the food coop.

Brooklynguy said...

Hi Ty - those are coriander seeds. But that's because I had no fresh rosemary and felt like adding a flavor. You should use anything that you think will complement the mellow taste of fresh shell beans.

Ty Martin said...

I followed your picture recipe yesterday and it was a great fall dish. I used a little paprika, cumin, and chili instead of the coriander and it definitely took me to some childhood memories of Tennessee cooking. Thanks for putting it up!

Jesse said...

Very cool, BG.

Do you know what variety of beans they were?