Monday, September 30, 2013

Slope Farms Addendum - Dinner

When I arrived home from my vacation, a trip that concluded with a visit to Slope Farms, I was hungry. It wasn't hard to decide what to eat for dinner.

I bought a Slope Farms veal sirloin steak.

Cooked some russet potatoes with onion, tomato, and seasoned with smoked pimentón. 
Bok choy in the wok with garlic, soy, and chinkiang vinegar.  

Seasoned with salt and pepper, steak goes into a very hot pan. 

Steak rests. 

Steak is sliced.



bluginger said...

Doesn't the searing create a ton of smoke? We're PSFC members and love Slope Farms meats. But we tend to stick to braising cuts or ground beef. Our apartment doesn't enable airing out steak making well enough.

Any tips?

Brooklynguy said...

hi bluginger - it does smoke, yes. I open windows and also use the air-vent fan in the ceiling of my apartment kitchen. But smoke is just part of it - we live with that.

Random Revelry said...

That looks delicious!!!!

Unknown said...

What is that supercool (looks very old) frying pan you use?

Brooklynguy said...

Hi Adam Löf - that is a Griswold cast iron pan from the 1930's. It was given to me last holiday season and it's the bet piece of cooking equipment I have.